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 Hey fellas. Let's talk some Indian politics

The recent past saw the "Hindu" religious right tying itself in knots over the issues of regionalism and communalism.  First Bal Thackery made those foot-in-the-mouth remarks over Sachin Tendulkar's "Mumbai belongs to India" comment, followed by eminently disgraceful violence. Then Balasaheb sought to "rectify" it by piously claiming that Islam is India's number one threat, not forgetting to list a grand total of four patriotic Muslims, except for whom all others were "working to destroy the country"

All through this the BJP did nothing except squirming quietly.

What I found striking is that the Congress said hardly anything while the whole thing was being played out (except the "belongs in the dustbin" remarks, or did I miss something?). Agreed the PM was on an overseas tour, but someone could have made a grand, statesmanlike statement that appealed to everybody. Really, everybody. Perhaps by being quite they were trying to show that they are a serious party concerned about governance only.

What's your take on the whole thing? Bonus point if you talk about the Liberhan report, which Sushma Swaraj said should be dumped in the interests of communal harmony (still no pigs flying?!!)

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