Brass Tacks (pmax3) wrote in india_politics,
Brass Tacks

Poll time again!

Since the members of this community are good at getting predictions right (the one on election results) and some of us might still be in the voting mood, I thought we should do another poll, this time related to the consequences of the results. 

Several people (analysts, exerts, editors...) have opined that the BJP needs an ideological shift to be able to revive itself. It is said that the BJP needs to discard its identity politics (hardline hindutva, demonisation of minorities etc.) and become a "responsible" right-of-centre party.

The question is will such the BJP bite the bullet and actually make such a change (assuming you think it is required)? What is your hunch?
Poll #1408223 BJP future after 2009 polls

Are we going to see and ideological course correction from the BJP?

There is nothing much wrong with the BJP's ideology already, the accusations made notwithstanding
Yes, a process of introspection will take place and the BJP will move away from its hardline hindutva positions
No, I don't see a significant course correction taking place
Only time will tell
Something left out in the above points (please explain in comments)
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I would expect at least some changes to the presentation veneer, but little if any change to the core ideological values.