suhel_seth (suhel_seth) wrote in india_politics,

And now the ideological meltdown...

The Indian election scenario has always been predictable. And despite the any changes that one sees with regard to the rise and rise of regional parties, some of the fundamentals never seem to change. There has been enormous brouhaha over the manner in which some candidates have been handing out cash in blatant violation of the election conduct but that too is explained away on the altar of tradition, What however intrigues me, election after election, is the manner in which almost every political party makes such a song and dance of its manifesto. There was however, a time when there were some discriminators in these manifestos but in these parity driven ties, that too seems to have vanished and this is the biggest irony of the Indian political scenes. These are no longer manifestoes with plans and shared vision but instead documents which highlight freebies that parties promise but never deliver on. It is this ideological meltdown that should worry every aware voter.

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