Brass Tacks (pmax3) wrote in india_politics,
Brass Tacks

Are the BJP supporters complicit in it?

Seeing the equivocal response of the BJP to the Varun Gandhi tape raises some questions. This is just one more in a series of instances where the BJP, on being caught peddling overtly hateful propaganda, has made the bare minimum noises to escape being directly in violation of the letter of the law while doing nothing to dispel the impression that it is not in principle opposed to communal campaigning, however vicious it may be. The last such instance was the provocative CDs distributed at the time of the UP elections. That time the BJP washed its hands off the matter saying that the higher leadership wasn't involved in the making of the CD and that the BJP does not subscribe to what was in the CD. This time the BJP has piously said that they don't subscribe to words spoken by Varun Gandhi, but have conveniently retained him as their candidate.

It is obvious that the BJP is happy with its cadres using the nastiest communal tricks to garner votes as long as they don't get caught. And it seems the BJP doesn't really care what the people really think of its complicity in such matters. It seems to think that being publicised for such violations actually enhances its hindutva vote base; it's just that the law has to be evaded somehow for the moment.

Which leads one logically to the conclusion that a large part of the BJP's vote base actually positively responds to such hateful campaign. That there are many people amongst us who actually hold views like the ones enunciated by Varun Gandhi in his macabre speech. Which means we, at least a large number of us, are primitive, bigoted, ignorant, unthinking, insensitive beasts who have no moral compass or sense of empathy. This is something evidenced by the successive victores of the Narendra Modi government, as also the gentle clapping during Varun Gandhi's speech. I have myself come across far too many peeople who say that all Muslims should be packed of to Pakistan. And that leaves me feeling depressed and helpless.
Tags: bjp, communalism, varun gandhi
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